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Budapest Pubs DB – Call for Dataviz
June 4, 2015
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Many of you might already know that Budapest is famous for its ruin pubs. Which are literally everywhere.

They are very popular among tourists and locals as well – Some say that 5 of them pop out of nowhere in every two hour. And since summer is coming we have no idea if the previous ones still exist.
So we urge you to help us on our mission to have a birds-eye view, a clear sight on what’s going on in Budapest. We need to map these pubs, and have as much intel as possible.
This is a very important cause. Can you please help us?

Here’s the thing: we mostly have data on facebook, google, while there are other silos of information residing in directories. That’s far from a data-rich map or visualization, but not that far as you might think. There are certain techniques which can be implemented to transform this webjunk into valuable insight. And this is where you can help.
You have to collect data from Google, Facebook and any other source you can harvest and put it on a dashboard, so people can filter by their preferences and find the best venue of their choice.


importio_dataset_output_optionsFirst of all you need to download import.io (or use your favorite web crawling tool of your own). You can build web content extractors and even authenticated connectors with this tool easily.
To store data you have many choices like google spreadsheets, csv, etc – so you can refine the gathered data before jumping to the field.


When you have your precious data prepared, you need to download Tableau Desktop (or use your favorite dataviz tool) and drop in the files you’ve gathered. You’ll find it very easy after an hour or two to put this data on a map.


Our intention is to show as much relevant data as possible. So if it is necessary you need to enrich the information you’ve gathered with metadata like opening hours, avg beer price, food, table soccer options, etc. Any kind of data could be valuable, but focus on the most important things first.
Think of what you are looking for when you are searching for options to get laid. Think of data you gathered last time before you went to get wasted.
See? You already have your key data points.


So let’s put this in motion and try to make something like this for example:

We know that no matter how this cause is important for the society, your time is very valuable. So we’ll hand out an iPad for the one who puts the most effort in getting drunk scientifically. The winners will be announced at our upcoming BPPDB “Conference”, where we mostly focus on beers and shots. Our keynote speakers will be those who drink the most.  

But we’ll also have plenty of time to discuss the dataviz entries and analyze insights, so we could decide where to continue the night. However, our primary goal here will be to release an open and easily updatable database and dashboard to the high life community so they could benefit from our efforts as well.


To reserve your seat (and receive information about the dataviz compo) please add your details:




This is not a joke, take this call seriously. You have the power to make the world a better place!
You just have to gather some data, use your imagination, and put it on a dashboard visualization. That’s how easy it is!
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