Editorial Event FOR EVERYONE Tableau
Data Stories VIP Invitation
November 11, 2014

As you’ve probably noticed already we appreciate many forms of art and we’re also passionate about sharing.
That’s why we’re really proud to announce the lovechild of Mihaly and Tamas: The Social Sparklines viz will be showcased at the Data Stories exhibition organized by CEU.


This viz will be available along with the howto right here on this blog also – just right after the opening event.

The below "small multiples" show the data from the UNICEF dataset called "Transmonee" for the CEE/CIS region. The timeframe starts at 2001 and ends at 2012. The measures contain data for number of crimes committed against children, tuberculosis cases for 100.000 person, total population and population between 0-17 ages as well as GDP per capita. Sparklines enable fast comparison, recognition of trends and therefore are useful for overviewing huge time series.


We’ll also bring a nice display with our recent vizualizations which we’ve already showcased here – so you can come along and dig the data on a large screen (as seen on Craft Conference).




But we won’t be the only ones who bring their best data juice there, so be there or be there!

The event will be held from the 17th to the 29th of November.

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