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ETL + VIZ Lecture at the University of Szeged
October 14, 2014
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University of Szeged

One friend of mine teaches – among other things – human information science at the University of Szeged in the LIS Department and he invited me to give a lecture for his students. I was really happy because I think that spreading the word is the second most important thing an enthusiast can do for the scene, so I said yes for the invitation in a second.

There  were both 1st year BA students and 2nd year MA students in the class, so I had to try to catch all the attention I could via showing them the possibilities and real life examples of Tableau and Talend.

University Students Learning Tableau

During first part of the lecture we were discussing basic ETL concepts need to be clarified in order to understand the more advanced issues of the topic. It was really interesting to see that even though these fellows are from the information worker class of the society how differently we use the same word for different objects. And also, not to mention the miriads of buzzwords that were (fortunately) mostly unknown for them.

After that deep dived down into the specific problems and solutions of an ETL process through which I could show them that real life is 99% practice and 1% theory (just as yoga). Fortunately I had a prepared process that I could break down into pieces to demonstrate the power of Talend for ETL.

After that we continued seamlessly to see how Tableau can visualize what we just loaded into a database with Talend. I could speak about diagrams, charts and graphs for hours, so I have only went through the basic principles of visualization, graph design and development in order to provide them a safe runway for further investigation.

At the end we had a smooth Q&A session and finished with a chitchat that will hopefully mean more data scientist on the board. I think it is important for these students to see that there are solutions and pathways which they cannot obtain  only by visiting libraries but they also need to practice in corporate environment so they can use the knowledge of LIS there as well.

Hope to see Szeged soon again!

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