HOWTO: tabcmd on Linux – step-by-step guide
June 11, 2012
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So, I have ported the tabcmd application to Linux, from java to native ruby, thus it can work on any platform. If someone needs this for his own environment, here are the steps what I did:

Step 0: You must have ruby and rubygems installed on your system. No java is required.

Step 1. Copy tabcmd.jar from Windows to your linux/unix box

Step 2. Unzip contents of tabcmd.jar to a clean directory:

Step 3. Install all required gems:

Step 4. Remove tabutils references

Change contents to:

Step 5. Set APPDATA directory

Step 6. Remove java specific relative path from relative_path.rb

Change the line 8 to:

Step 7. Add execute flag to tabcmd.rb

How it works:

Enjoy  ; )

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There is also an alternate method available, you can check it out here.

Tamás Földi

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