My Tableau Zen Master Nominees for 2015
July 23, 2015
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Zen Master

As we are getting closer to the annual DATA 15 conference the nomination process for Tableau Zen Masters is also about to close. Let me collect my favorite community guys from the 2014/2015 period who definitely deserve to be Zen Masters (again).

First of all we have two all time Zen Masters. Even if the Zen Master title is awarded for a year they deserve to be called as masters for a lifetime. Jonathan Drummey and Shawn Wallwork are the hearts of the community.  We do not need any explanation why they should  keep their titles.

But let’s see who are the other three plus one guys who deserved my votes – in alphabetical orders:

Craig Bloodworth

Even if Craig Bloodworth was relatively quiet in his blog this year he still made some good stuff like how to tap Tableau’s map db with Alteryx, replace Online’s authentication with our own SAML server plus he developed several great Tableau Web Data Connector for the new Tableau 9.1. I am sure he will be one of the most productive Web Data Connector developers and with the help of The Information Lab visibility and reach his work is surely going to be trend setter for everyone else.


Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson is my “Tableau Social Ambassador” (his new title was recently announced by  Tableau) but he is also a Tableau Zen Master. His Twitter and LinkedIn feeds are my primary sources of what is going on the viz space (yes, I am mostly working on the background stuff so I need regular brief on this).  But sharing is not everything. One of my personal favorites from his work is Walking Pi to 1 million digits in Tableau that visualized the entropy in PI in a stunning way.

Just one info here: if you want to work with Mark here is the opportunity as he is looking for BI Developers in Atlanta, GA.

Robert Rouse

Robert Rouse is a newcomer, he is not a Zen Master currently. However, if someone likes import.io then he cannot be a bad guy. Robert brings the community, the visualization and development together by creating this iconic viz: The Tableau Community Mosaic that is a must-have for every community/forum user. In addition to his import.io connector, he has some good tutorials like The Pyramids of Egypt (and Las Vegas) Visualized in Tableau or How to Create Dynamic Tableau Dashboard Layouts with Sliding Containers. Even if he does not make the Zen Master this year he is definitely a guy to follow.

And the +1 is:

Russell Christopher

I know, I know, I cannot vote for Russell  as he is a Tableau employee. But dare you I would. He has nothing to do with programming, his code is ugly (sorry mate but pushing a project where the main class is in Form1.cs is just sick) but c’mon, he is still the dopest guy in the community from Tableau Software who never refuses a good unsupported hack if that is help for someone. He is the man.

You can add your vote for your nominees until this Friday (24th July) at Tableau’s website. If you think that I have missed someone important just let me know – I still have some time add them.

Tamás Földi

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