Pushing the Limits of Tableau Server – Practical Lessons from a Zen Master
June 6, 2017
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Today I had the honour to present at the Tableau On Tour London conference. The main focus was the “web data connector trick” that allows one to implement reusable server plugins, explained here in details. You can find my slides and source codes below:

The sample source codes are published to the following github projects:

D3 Brush Filter:

Encrypted PDF:

Spider/Radar Chart:

TabChat 2.0:

Tableau JS API Call Examples:

Auto refresh:

If you have any question just drop a line!

Tamás Földi

Tamás Földi

Director of IT Development at Starschema
Decades of experience with data processing and state of the art programming. From nuclear bomb explosion simulation to distributed file systems. ethical hacking, real time stream processing practically I always had a great fun with those geeky ones and zeros.
Tamás Földi
  • Tao Chen

    Hi DataBoss,

    I have been reading your website and it’s truly amazing and the best of the best out there. One question for you on a current project that I am working on, not sure if you can provide me some hint. I am trying to build a dashboard embedded with Javascript on a HTML page with many many filters for more than 1000 user (it’s their personal dashboard), so each user has a different set of preferred filters/KPIs set that they can choose as they wish. Let’s say next time the user open up this dashboard, user doesn’t have to choose all the filters again, the dashboard will “remember” what they selected last time or using a stored custom view list sort of thing..

    Any idea on how to add this kind of feature, I have been searching around but no luck..

    Thanks a bunch..


    • You can create a filter change event listener and record all filter action on the dashboard and save it on server side. Next time when the user opens the dashboard you can set these filters directly after viz init

      Other option is to make the “customized view” button visible – so users can manage their settings as they want. You can enable that button using js embedding parameters

  • Peter Yde Thomsen

    Hi Tamas
    In the presentation you showed how to make annotations and comments. Do you have more information on this. Need to enable business users to add comments to KPIs.

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