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Clojure FOR BI PROS Tableau
getData() function in the new Tableau 10 JavaScript API
August 16, 2016
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Tableau’s Javascript API evolves fast. In just a few versions we have arrived from the basic embedding to an event based, fully asynchronous API. Maybe the last, missing piece was accessing the summary and underlying data (however most of us used the [crayon-628726051e89c746988976-i/]  vizql controller to get the underlying data as featured in our excel […]
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Mulitplayer Blackjack Game in Tableau using ClojureScript
November 21, 2015
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This year I had the honor to present at Tableau Customer Conference in Las Vegas together two hyper-blackbelt-jedi masters: Michael Kovner and Russell Christopher. The track’s name was “You did WHAT with the Javascript API?!” and as you can imagine we had some heavyweight stuff to throw. One of my API example was a complete […]
Clojure FOR BI PROS Tableau
When to avoid Tableau REST API: single vs multithread vs database
August 3, 2015
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Tableau Server REST API is a relatively new feature in Tableau Server. It has must-have functions for publishing data sources and workbooks in addition to the usual CRUD functionality like getting users, groups and projects. However, like every new thing it has its own limitations: it’s terribly slow when you need to obtain information for […]
Tableau Server LDAP Authentication and Authorization
July 21, 2015
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Tableau Server is getting more and more enterprise ready, it includes crucial enterprise functionality like support for SAML IdP and Server REST API. This makes possible to implement non-directly supported features like  LDAP authentication and authorization – even for non active directory based LDAP servers such OpenLDAP. In the following post I will summarize what […]
Clojure FOR BI PROS Tableau
Tableau Data Extract koans
May 7, 2015
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Programming is a way to express ourselves, is a form of art if you do it with style and do it properly. The source code is a literature. However, the programming language determines the genre, you can write heroic poems in C or ASM, zen koans in Lisp/Clojure, contemporary farout stories in Haskell or write the next […]
Mixing Tableau APIs: interoperability between Official and undocumented APIs
March 30, 2015
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By reading the tableau forums it seems the new, completed Tableau 9.0 REST API has some gaps. In this particular example Takaya wanted to get the repository URL for a view (based on view id, which is returned from rest api). From the replies it seems he gave up and used the “undocumented api“, which is pretty shameful […]