September 2, 2014

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Not everyone understands data. It’s a spiritual thing. A body thing. A soul thing.

Data has become a part of our modern lives. It is everywhere. It helped us building societys and to go far beyond our limits.
It is in our cells, the internet, even in the mysterious quarks. Everything what we percieve is just data after all.

For the last couple of years you probably noticed that we have more insights, more undertanding of data. In fact we experience more and more scenarios where combining information actually tells us multiple stories. So we’ve started applying layers and filters. And finally the tools used for perception became avaliable for everyone. It is only the matter of your enthusiasm if you take advantage of it.

But why not take perception into a brand new level?
There is much more beyond Google Analytics, Excel and Infographics (we love them though!).
Actually You can discover the world right from your seat. You can improve your everday activities – and not just in your personal life. You can make data-driven decisions.

Here, you can find our real-life, real-business cases along with funny and interesting stuff we care about.
So come, join our journey and we’ll show you how to crunch that data like a boss.



Starschema is a Budapest based BI, DWH, Big Data & data management service provider, with a pool of top notch data experts and comprehensive, wide scope services that provide outstanding benefits and fast ROI to its clients. Besides consultancy services Starschema focuses on in-house developed products and is a proud reseller of well-selected software – such as you can see here – that Starschema consultants trust and regularly work with.
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